I know what you’re going through…

You've been Googling, downloading, and listening to as much material on health and wellness routines such as meditation, yoga, and how to get a better night’s sleep.

You’re seriously doubting if you have the ability to know where to start your journey.

You’re unsure if everything you've read and tried on your own is working.


And right now, you’re so over the one size fits all strategies, endless nights worrying, and doing so much with little result.


New changes can be overwhelming. You are already dealing with the every day stresses of life. Your monkey mind is always racing onto the next thought.

You wonder how you are going to make time in your already busy schedule for your self care.

You feel that you lack time and motivation when it comes to yoga and meditation, and even when you attempt to squeeze your self care in, those silent moments are interrupted or your space is invaded with your kids or partner.

This self care routine you strive to have in your life feels overwhelming and possibly confusing.

Even with these fears running through your brain, deep down you know the only one holding you back big time is YOU!


 Could you imagine how life would feel if you…

Began each day ready to jump out of bed and take action to start the day on a positive note?

Had tools to help you focus, control, and tackle all the thoughts that come your way?

Used natural and healthy alternatives to help with physical needs and your overall health?

Created a nightly routine that creates better habits for a good nights sleep every night?

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My approach

I am a yoga lifestylist and coach who helps anxious and stressed women regain their energy through yoga, meditation and mindset practice so that they can feel confident in their bodies, be present for their loved ones, and wake up excited for the day ahead!

Yoga and meditation have helped me take on my anxiety head on, handle stressful days of life with grace, and create time for me in amongst my own to-do lists, family life, and dramas of my day.

That’s why I use mindset strategy to keep you motivated, infuse mindful movement to encourage your body to get up and go, and help you develop routines that seamlessly fit into your day.


Through my 1:1 coaching, you’ll rock your best self


I have a unique gift for coaching you to the best version of yourself. Your are responsible for your life and I want to help you take charge of your destiny!


are you ready to...


Bring your mind, body, and soul into massive alignment and balance?

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Create a health and wellness routine that you can stick to each day?


Break free from those anxious and stressful feelings?



Support | Accountability | Structure

Through my coaching, you will:


Commit to working on your mindset and feeling aligned in your energy towards your self care and growth each day


Learn new tools to tackle those anxious, stressed and overwhelming feelings throughout your day


Learn new techniques to help you feel rested so that you can enjoy yourself each day - no more being tired all of the time


Develop a consistent routine to help you stay balanced, centered, and strong as your journey transforms

Your mind, body, and soul is unique to you

Why waste your time and $$ on one size fits all programs that leave you more confused, doubtful and frustrated than when you started?


 I want you to know that all of this is possible for YOU

and the time is NOW

Ready to build a life that will light you up?

Scroll down to see the two different ways that I will support you through this journey.

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1 Month VIP Vibrant and Clarity Intensive


You need a focused, solid strategy that will lead the path for you to rock your journey. After our work together, you will realize you are unstoppable, no matter what comes your way.



We'll do a combination of a few things depending on your needs...

  • Get crystal clear on your goals and why you are on this journey.

  • Develop a 30 day strategy that will help keep you focused on what you need to work on to create your self care routine

  • Give you all the tools to tackle any fears, doubts, anxiousness, and overwhelmed stressful feelings you may have

  • Create a personalized meditation and mindful movement sequences for your practice

  • Simplify and focus your routines to create the most time for you

Here's what is included...

  • A VIP assessment so we know exactly what to tackle and that we don't waste precious time

  • 3 Sessions of intensive coaching including a personalized meditation sequence, yoga and movement, and mindset journaling work

  • One month of email and Marco Polo support to help begin your journey

  • If you decide within the first week that you want to do the 3 month Vibrant and Clarity program, you'll get the price you pay for the VIP knocked off the full offer!

*Limited Spots Available*




“I have severe Anxiety & OCD per my doctor’s orders he recommended that I start yoga. Going into yoga was tough for me because I also have back issues as well. I started yoga with Pamela, and she led the class with great confidence. If there was a pose that I could not handle she would modify it for me.

Pam is a caring and gentle soul. Her job did not end at the end of our practice. If I had a tough day with my anxiety she would help me through, breathing and getting me to relax more. She was very mindful to everyone in the class.

Pam always had a smile on her face that would make you feel very welcome to the practice. She is very helpful with the body, the mind, and the soul. Whoever gets Pamela will be very lucky.”

- Jackie DeLucia

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3 month Vibrant & Clarity Success Program

Design your ideal life with my 1:1 signature program


This is all about long term strategy and mindset support to skyrocket you into your own success.

Get ready to grow and transform your mindset, body, and spirit so that you can live your best life- happy, healthy, and fulfilled.

This 3 month exclusive tailored 1:1 coaching program will bring everything together for you.



Here's what we'll do in this value packed and service based intensive...

  • Develop your meditation and mindful movement program that centers around your goals

  • Knock down all of your limiting beliefs that you have on self confidence, fears, and growth

  • Make sure you are always creating strides towards putting vibrancy and clarity into action

  • A detailed, yet simple strategy for implementing your new routine into your schedule

  • Learning tools for handling racing thoughts and stressful situations that can be applied to everyday scenarios

  • Creating a personalized morning routine to make you jump out of bed, energized to start your day

  • Creating a personalized evening routine to help you unwind and destress for a more restful nights sleep

Your 3 month Vibrant and Clarity Success package includes...

  • A pre-coaching assessment so that I know exactly what we have to work with and how to progress forward

  • One 1 hour VIP intensive to get crystal clear on what direction to take and how to tweak what you already have

  • 10 1:1 coaching calls, 4 calls the first two months and 2 the last month, of intensive coaching including a personalized meditation sequence, yoga and movement, and mindset journaling work

  • Unlimited access to email, Marco Polo, and Facebook messenger Monday thru Friday, with limited access on weekends

  • A 12 week plan to create a routine that you can continue to utilize and tools to help you

  • Access to my group coaching programs at no additional cost

*Limited Spots Available*


$997 or 3 payments of $375