Mindful Movement Tribe

Move Your Body, Move Your Mind, Move Your Soul

To finally feel vibrant, carefree and re-energized in your body, mind, and soul you need to commit to your practice!

That’s what is going to get you to upgrade your habits and transform your life so you can feel happy, healthy and fulfilled every single day!


There are four key pieces to making these changes stick

consistency | motivation | support | accountability

Because you already know that doing the work once a week isn’t going to cut it…


 In my Mindful Movement Tribe membership community, I’ve combined all of my best resources, videos, yoga and meditation practices, and unwavering support, all in one place.

You get intimate coaching and live group calls from me and an incredible support system to keep you on track.

Couple that with vibrant, supportive, and committed community of soul sisters and you have all you need to make those habits stick! 

And did I mention that it’s much more affordable than a yoga studio membership? 


How it works

Intimate live yoga calls and workshops
Video library of tools to enhance your practice 
Access to our inspirational online community of soul sisters
Special VIP offers and discounts 
24/7 support and accountability

The Mindful Movement Tribe is perfect for you if:

  • You are looking to create space and time to practice but you struggle to make that practice happen more than once a week.. or let’s be honest… at all

  • Going to a yoga studio regularly just isn’t happening for you right now 

  • You know that you need intimate support with your practice but can’t afford a large upfront cost right now

  • You want to learn more about the mental aspects of yoga, meditation and mindset work and how it can help you to be free of overwhelm and lead a carefree life

  • You’re afraid to do it on your own because you don’t know where to start 


Let’s get you into your yoga lifestyle!

Ready to dive in?




Dive deeper into your yoga, meditation and mindset practice today!


Upgrade to VIP

1 monthly 60 minute private session



Think of it as nourishment for your body, mind and soul with real live human support and community that you can access anytime and anywhere!



“I have severe Anxiety & OCD per my doctor’s orders he recommended that I start yoga. Going into yoga was tough for me because I also have back issues as well. I started yoga with Pamela, and she led the class with great confidence. If there was a pose that I could not handle she would modify it for me.

Pam is a caring and gentle soul. Her job did not end at the end of our practice. If I had a tough day with my anxiety she would help me through, breathing and getting me to relax more. She was very mindful to everyone in the class.

Pam always had a smile on her face that would make you feel very welcome to the practice. She is very helpful with the body, the mind, and the soul. Whoever gets Pamela will be very lucky.”

- Jackie DeLucia

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About pamela

I'm Pamela Holt, a yoga lifestyle coach for millennial woman looking for their FREEDOM to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

I've made it my mission to help millennial woman learn lifestyle changes and healthy alternatives to help them get to the woman they want to be- vibrant, carefree, and fabulous females.

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Frequently asked Questions


I’m really busy can I do this on my own schedule?

Yes! I’m busy too! All of the videos and other content in your membership are available 24/7. Each video is 5-60 minutes in length and all workshops will be recorded so that you can come back and see them if you miss them!

What level of yoga is taught in your videos?

I have a wide variety of practices that anyone can do! And will be adding more videos each month based on demand!

When does my membership start?

Your membership starts once you make your first payment. Please allow up to 15 minutes after you process your payment to receive your log in information details. 

What is your refund policy?

I understand you may have doubts about whether or not this is right for you and you can cancel your membership at anytime by emailing Pamela at pamelasessentials@pamelasessentialself.com due to the nature of this membership and the trainings inside no refunds will be given.

I’m in a different time zone than you. When will the classes be done? What happens if I miss a practice?

You will be getting a recording of every practice and call done on the membership site. Calls will be done based on a survey of the best times for the women in the community and will be recorded. Plus, with daily action going on in the Facebook group, you’ll get plenty of opportunities to connect and ask questions even if you miss a practice!

Can I ask you more questions before enrolling?

I would love to talk to you more before hand. Send me an email at… and let’s chat about your goals 


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“As a stay at home, work from home, mommy of 2 boys (3 years old and 1 years old) some days I honestly don’t know how I get to the end of the day. After nonchalantly venting one day to Pam, she opened up a new door to me about essential oils. I can truthfully say that by using oils during my regular daily routines has shown me such a difference in my mood, my kids immunities and my health!

Pam has also taken time out of her days to come to my house and give me one on one yoga techniques to help me meditate. Due to my life being so hectic, she was able to accommodate my needs which was so relieving and so appreciated. Besides being a driven all around amazing person, she seriously cares and wants you to feel your best."

- Ashley Chickos

Get immediate access to…

Weekly group practice sessions and calls with me and other amazing coaches
Weekly journaling prompts to support your practice 
Bonus videos of tools to enhance your practice 
An intimate community where you’ll find like minded soul sisters and connection
All of your burning questions about yoga, meditation and mindset work answered by me and an amazing community of women who get you!
Exclusive VIP access to any new workshops, products or future retreats 

Ready to dive in?




Dive deeper into your yoga, meditation and mindset practice today!


Upgrade to VIP

1 monthly 60 minute private session