Create Your Yoga Lifestyle in 5 Days or Less Guide

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The secret to going from stressed, anxious, and feeling sick all of the time to FREEDOM to be your most happy healthy and fulfilled self.

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My journey

I started my health and wellness journey head on 2 years ago. I found myself curled up in a ball crying on my couch. The anxiety had kicked in, I felt depressed, and it was easier to cave to the emotion than look for a silver lining.

Then I implemented the strategies in this guide I became more vibrant, driven, motivated, and above all happy!

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Get ready to learn

The easiest ways to calm your anxiety in 15 minutes a day

My #1 secret to dealing with stress without freaking out

The most common mistake that people make when trying to lessen their anxiety that keeps them overwhelmed and stressed and what to do instead

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Download my FREE Guide to a Yoga Lifestyle in 5 Days and I'll give you my fool proof strategy to FREEDOM to be happy, healthy, and fulfilled!

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Hi there!

I'm Pamela Holt, a yoga lifestyle coach for millennial woman looking for their FREEDOM to live happy, healthy, and fulfilled lives.

I've made it my mission to help millennial woman learn lifestyle changes and healthy alternatives to help them get to the woman they want to be- vibrant, carefree, and fabulous females.


Are you ready for your freedom?

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