Have you ever walked into a room and felt like all eyes were on you?

Was everyone’s gaze really directed at you or was that the anxious part of your brain telling you that?

Did your mind immediately fire your fight or flight sense- emphasis on flight?

I’ve been there.

I used to hunch my shoulders and avoid eye contact hoping no one saw me.

And there were days I’d turn around and just walk back out.

Not anymore!

Two years ago I started a daily yoga practice.

That practice improved my mental health ten fold.

My mindset moved from fight or flight to rest and digest. No more fear. Just a calmed nervous system.

I rebuilt my sense of self. Getting to know me and releasing a lot of my ego- that judgmental part of self- I built back trust with my self. I am worthy!

I improved relationships with my friends and family. Anxious feelings made me almost unapproachable. No one knew how to deal with me. I became more centered and compassionate and less reactive.

I became more mindful of my attributes- the good and the bad. Different mindful movements centered energy on the areas I needed to work on helping me to be more receptive and open.

I learned how to accept things I could not control. I learned to let go. I could only control me and my responses.

Imagine what a daily yoga practice could do for you?

Imagine how you would feel after a mindful movement practice each morning when you wake up?

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YogaPamela Holt