Self Love

Self-love is ridiculous! Did that catch your attention? It certainly caught mine!

I was having a conversation with a woman the other day. Part of me wanted to shout ‘OMG what is wrong with you?’ The other side was just curious-that side won. As I listened I realized how she had gotten that impression. I was there.

Until I had my breakdown. 3 years ago life caught up to me. I was on overload. I changed jobs, moved to a new place, relationship ended. I realized I had no self-care rituals in place to take care of me when I needed. The ridiculous feelings of self-love went out the window when I saw the results.

Let me help you bust those same myths I believed!

Myth #1 Self-Love is Selfish

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Self-love is anything but selfish. When you take care of yourself you reprogram your mind for positivity.

Myth #2 Self-Love Means Settling

Self-love starts with accepting yourself. Some people view this as settling. Self-love is just the opposite! You can love yourself and still practice self improvement. Self-love is about recognizing and honoring where you are in the present moment.

Myth #3 Self-love Means Being Happy All the Time

Self-love is honoring yourself in the good times and the bad.Some people believe if they aren’t happy all of the time, they’re doing self-love wrong. Self-love teaches us to be aware of our feelings, take care of ourselves in whatever state our mind is in, and respecting ourselves in the present moment.

Were you already a self-love believer? Or maybe now your curious too?

Self-love has helped me:

👉Become a better communicator

👉Anxiety has become almost non existent

👉Feel good about my body

👉Developed better relationships with family and friends

👉Sleep better

👉More patience

👉More energy

👉More focus

My list goes on and on. Yours can too! Grab my free guide to create a yoga lifestyle in 5 days or less to start your self love routine!

Self LovePamela Holt