37 hours!

If I told you had 37 hours for you to use any way you wanted in a week what would you do?

What if I asked you to give me 10 minutes of that time each day?

Doesn’t sound like a lot considering how much time you’d still have for you.

Now, what if I told you that 10 minutes a day I would help you bring back your focused attention?

That I could help you get more out of your day?

It’s a proven fact that the more multitasking and tasks we take on the more out focus diminishes.

Fact: If you meditated 10 minutes a day you could turn the tables and bring back more focus.

Oh! Did I mention you could see the benefits even day 1 after your first practice?

Meditating has helped me bounce back better from distractions. As you meditate multiple thoughts come to mind. We use the breath to bring us back every time the mind wanders. Translate that into everyday life- as you begin to wander between tasks you more easily can transition back to the task at hand.

Meditating has helped me handle my reaction to stress better than ever. It’s been shown meditation helps calm the amygdala- that part of the brain that responds to stress. I no longer react to emotional triggers like I used to. Now I am more able to respond.

What is your biggest struggle when trying to focus?

MeditationPamela Holt